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IPV Mini 2 Souvenir 2015 from Canvape

The Pioneer4You IPV Mini is an incredible device filling a niche in the "mini" category. We reviewed the IPV Mini here.

Pioneer4You announced the IPV Mini 2 a few short weeks ago and we received this limited edition "Souvenir 2015" version in Black. Colors for the limited edition are Black and Silver – both with buttons that are color coordinated and a blacked area that is different than the regular version.

The regular version has identical specifications – the differences in the limited edition are mainly cosmetic. Here's the differences in the limited edition or Souvenir 2015 version:

  • Serial number on the bottom battery cover
  • Color coordinated buttons
  • Blackened bezel covering the buttons
  • Souvenir 2015 logo with custom graphic

Now we can look at the differences between the IPV Mini and the IPV Mini 2. The IPV Mini 2:

  • Height is 1.2 mm higher
  • Depth is 0.1 mm narrower
  • Width is 0.7 mm wider
  • Weight is 1.5 grams heavier
  • Supports wattage from 7.0 to 70.0 in 0.1 watt increments (with memory functions)
  • Battery cap is knurled differently (with a smoother appearance)
  • Yihi SX 330V2C chipset (vs Yihi SX 130 chipset)

The IPV Mini 2 70 watt features a USB port which makes for easy charging. The battery is also replaceable by opening up the bottom panel. There are many safety features including output short circuit protection, reverse battery protection, low resistance warning, low voltage warning, and high input voltage warning.

The IPV Mini 2 70 watt has a 510 connection with a floating top pin that ensures all atomizers will sit flush on this small mod.

The IPV Mini 2 70 watt is the perfect mod for those that don’t want a large, bulkier box mod but still want all the power!

Note that the Souvenir 2015 edition is only available in Black and Silver. The Pioneer4you website shows four colors for the regular version (black, silver, gold and blue), but we have only seen two colors available generally: black and silver.

Other than increasing the wattage, the IPV Mini 2 has relatively minor enhancements. The increased wattage put this "mini" advanced personal vaporizer well into the territory of larger and bulkier devices. You can now get power in a small form factor.

So, what's the verdict? Is it worth it? Yes, yes, and yes again. The IPV line of advanced personal vaporizers is the most reliable and consistent product line available. That's largely due to the Yihi chipsets that deliver power and accuracy. I have several of the IPV 2 products and IPV Mini. When the IPV Mini 2 was announced, I thought of it as replacing every IPV product that I have, and it certain does that. It delivers as much wattage as every IPV product except for the IPV 3, yet does it in a much smaller form factor – while retaining all of the other features of its larger siblings. This 70 watt IPV Mini 2 is a must have. The "limited edition" Souvenir 2015 version adds some cosmetic enhancements along with a slight price increase.


  • Posted by jason kase on March 15, 2015, 10:22 am

    the limited edition also comes in a gold color just bought it..