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Innokin iTaste Coolfire IV

Innokin is a company known for producing innovative devices that are well thought out and designed with quality materials. At the right is their newest addition to the Coolfire line up. 

It's the Coolfire IV with a built-in battery charged through a micro USB port – you can actually see it near the bottom below the display screen.

The image at the right shows the unit in the box with the logo on the front. At the back, there are two sets of vent holes. It's box shaped with comfortable lines and curves. At the top, above the firing button, you can see the frame has an area notched out so you can attach a lanyard. 

The Coolfire IV is billet brushed aluminum and reasonably light. Innokin promotes this as available in six "vivid" colors: red, silver, purple, blue, black and mauve. 

One of the features I like quite a bit about this is a separate On/Off switch at the bottom. The switch turns the power On or Off (you can see that in the image at the right, bottom left). You still have the option of toggling lock/unlock with three consecutive fire button presses. 

The top 510 connector is spring loaded and adjusts automatically. There are air flow channels and the package includes an eGo threading adapter – you can use any atomizer with this device. 

All "fixed battery" devices use lithium ion polymer battery technology (LI-PO). The iTaste Coolfire IV has a 2000 mAh battery. This is not one of the longest lasting batteries, but the micro USB at the front lets you connect with any USB source (wall, computer, car, etc.) without having to put the device on its side. I found the charging time quite fast with a full recharge in just over one hour – and you can vape while charging with its pass-through technology.

The screen is tiny ... and appropriate for a small device like this. 

I received the silver unit (show at left) for testing and review. It has a nice curved design. If you like pressing the fire button with your thumb, the curved back sits nicely in the fold of your fingers. If you like pressing the fire button with your finger, the curved back sits comfortably in the fold of your palm. Regardless of how you orient the Coolfire IV, it is nearly fully concealed while you vape with only the tank showing. 

The fire button has Innokin classic color ring around it. Green indicates full to nearly full charge. Yellow indicates that the battery will need charging shortly. Red indicates it should be charged at your earliest convenience.

Refering to the image at the left, that curved section above the fire button is the frame with a cut out in the body ... that is where you would insert a lanyard. 

One note ... when you press the + or - buttons to adjust the voltage or wattage, you need to first hold it until the display flashes ... then release and press again to adjust. That helps prevent inadverttent changes from a finger slip or pocket adjust.

The Innokin iTaste Coolfire IV has nice rounded edges, buttery smooth threads, excellent placement of the micro USB charge port and bright display. If you have used Innokin products before, the buttons will be quite familiar. There's also an excellent user manual with the device. 

All in all, a well thought out, well designed, and well constructed device.

So, what’s the verdict? Is it worth it?

All of Innokin's products are innovative. Some are spartan like the MVP line, some are a tad on the weird side (Coolfire 2), but all work flawlessly. The Coolfire IV edges up Innokin's game with an attractive design. It works great. As a company, I admire Innokin's resolve to avoid the "shiny-itis" race and forced obsolescence. Rather than release replace products every few months, resellers and users have their investments protected with a unit that will remain current and relevant for a good time. Kudos to Innokin ... now run out and get one of these Coolfire IV advanced personal vaporizers. I highly recommend this product.

What’s in the box?

  • Innokin Coolfire IV
  • USB charger cable
  • eGo Threading Adaptor
  • User Manual